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By February 24, 2017INTERVIEW

SB:  Could you tell me a little bit about the formation of Wieuca?

Wieuca: We started using the name Wieuca when we moved from Atlanta to Athens in 2012. Sam was our banjo player back then.

SB: Did you guys also play in bands prior to this one? What were they like compared to Wieuca?

Wieuca: Robert and Will performed some of the earliest Wieuca songs under different band names in high school, and our earlier projects attempted to combine alt-country and 90’s emo a bit. Mixing these sounds together was the original idea of the band, but we’ve clearly veered way off of that path.

SB: What were your relationships with music while growing up? What artists were you exposed to?

Wieuca: We each grew up with drastically different musical perspectives, from self-taught and experimental to classical orchestra training. That’s probably why we choose not to just have one sound and enjoy fusing styles counterintuitively.

SB: You guys released your first album “The Is No Balance” back in 2013, what was that recording process like?

Wieuca: We do all of our recordings, and we learned how to record while making that album. We did it in a few different houses. A lot of recording drums in the kitchen while someone is trying to make dinner.

SB: What was your favorite and least favorite song to create from the first album?

Wieuca: “Portable Portal” is a favorite because it was the most collaborative. Three of us recorded different guitar solos, then Sam cut them together into a frankenshred of our different musical impulses. We don’t have a least-favorite.

SB: What was the song writing process like for those tracks and is it a more collaborative process?

Wieuca: We don’t have one system for putting songs together. They tend to come from disparate places and involve random combinations of personnel. We also write so much that any given album might have as much as a five-year gap between when the various songs were conceived. This means there’s wide array of messages being sent and topics being discussed, because not only are we starkly dissimilar from each other, but also from out past and future selves. It’s confusing, but it’s also pointless to release an album that only makes one statement because that can be done in just a few words.

SB: You guys just released the new single called “Polyp”, does this song encapsulate the feeling and developed sound of a soon- to-be released second album?

Wieuca: Absolutely! Our new album will be coming out in a few months. We can’t share too many details right now, so stay tuned.

SB: And when you create new music, what is the one thing you hope an audience would connect with most?

Wieuca: People will get a lot more out of our songs when they pay attention to lyrics and how the songs work together to create bizarre scenes. But ultimately we just want the audience to shake their asses in the pit while we’re playing.

SB: I assume that getting that to also translate to a live audience is even as important, if not more. What have been some of your favorite shows since you guys formed Wieuca?

Wieuca: The festivals and fancy Brooklyn performances are all memorable, but we still love playing insane house parties and getting the cops called on us.

SB: And what are your touring plans coming up this year?

Wieuca: We also have to keep quiet on that until it’s time to announce everything. But we’re stoked.

SB: Yeah, and you guys are based in Athens, what’s the music scene like there?

Wieuca: It’s very fun and competitive at times. There are so many good bands that sometimes we go to shows and see people killing it so hard that we want to go home, practice and make sure we’re capable of killing it just as hard.

SB: Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me!

Wieuca: Anytime!


Check out Wieuca’s new single called “Enamel”

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