Athens-based band Wieuca have an eclectic, interesting sound that draws you in and makes you want to know more about them. They formed in 2012 with a sound that they have described as “slap-rock” and developed over the years to create a sound that can be described as cohesive, guitar driven and lo-fi psychedelic.  The four-piece have created tracks that sound great to listen to just as they are live. You can hear the passion and care they put in when you listen to their tracks, especially the new tracks called “Canadian Tuxedo” and “Polyp.”

Their newest release “Polyp” takes you on a moving journey about how moving on, isn’t all bad and that there a nostalgic beauty about a memory that more people need to realize. It’s echoing harmonies and shoe gaze sound complement one another throughout the song, along with catchy guitar riffs. Their music makes you reflect and reminisce about simpler times. This band is sure to be one to watch.

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