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Sounding Board: So Wildhoney came together back in 2011, were you guys each in previous projects, was there something that brought you all together?

Wildhoney:  Our current lineup has come to exist gradually over time, and we have a pretty diverse set of musical backgrounds and experiences between the five of us.  This project initially formed as a response to growing tired of the entrenched masculinity, homophobia and sexism in the hardcore/punk scene.  The music has evolved and changed with the lineup, but it was set in motion from that point of origin.

Sounding Board: Got ya, that’s awesome that you guys decided to create something productive out of that frustration. I read that you guys have a great love for pop music, is there a reason why you are drawn to it specifically or is it just the type of music you grew up on and wanted the band’s sound to gravitate toward?

Wildhoney: Pop music is universal, from Beyoncé to The Byrds. I couldn’t pin point why we feel compelled to create it, it’s just something deep within our marrow.

Sounding Board: Yeah, I get what you mean, it’s cool to see varied interpretations of what pop means to different artists. The band is based in Baltimore and there are a lot of great artists coming out of there, how would you describe the music scene there for people who aren’t that familiar with it?

Wildhoney: Baltimore definitely has a strong sense of its own identity.  That shows up in so many different aspects of life in this city, but, artistically speaking, its affordability gives musicians some additional flexibility to experiment, allocate more time to their craft, tour, etc.  Because it’s on the smaller side for a major city, different types of artists tend to bump into each other more often and exchange ideas and tend to collaborate in interesting ways.

Sounding Board: That’s cool, I’ve always found bands who come out of Baltimore to be really unique and dynamic. I also noticed you guys have a real sense of community on your social media and share other artists work, what bands recently have you been really loving?

Wildhoney: We love using the little platform we have to share music we’re excited about and support our peers!  There are so many great bands right now- Shady Bug, Joe Biden, Big Baby, Young Scum, Strange Passage, Big Hush, Den Mate, Big Bliss, Beverly, Crumb, Zinske, Pale Spring, Baklava, Operator Music Band, Toner, Bugg, Darto, Rashamon, Leggy, Froth, Dehd, Munday’s Bay, Smut…  That’s just off the top of our heads, we would need a few paragraphs and better memories to really do this right.

Sounding Board: Haha yeah, it’s hard to remember all the great new music that has been coming out just because of sheer amount. For the follow up record to “Sleep Through It”, is it more of a continuation or do you think the new album is a newer, developed sound?

Wildhoney: We’re still in the process of writing so it’s hard to answer that question.  We didn’t want to repeat what we’ve already done so we have switched a few things up in terms of instrumentation (a lot more synth is happening), performance, and the general feeling of things.  So far, the album is a bit darker than our first record.

Sounding Board: I’m excited to hear how it develops and comes together. You have played with a lot of awesome artists, are there any shows coming up that you are particularly excited about?

Wildhoney: Right now, we are looking forward to our weekender shows. This Friday (1/12) in Philly at Everybody Hits with Hurry, Glitterer, Empath and Knife Play. Saturday, (1/13) in Boston at Great Scott with Horse Jumper of Love, Mini Dresses and Strange Passage. Sunday (1/14) in Brooklyn at Zone One @ Elsewhere with Big Bliss, Hypoluxo and Fruit & Flowers

Also excited to play Damaged City, April 5-8 in DC!

Sounding Board: Those are some awesome line ups, I really like a lot of those bands. And when should people be on the lookout for new material?

Wildhoney: This weekend we are selling cassingles of two songs we released a while back but haven’t been available as a physical release since then.  They have also been remixed and have a whole new vibe now.  As far as the next LP, it’s still too early to say.

Sounding Board: I listened those two remixed tracks earlier today and they are great, I’ll make sure to keep an eye out!

You can hear Wildhoney’s remixed tracks “Horror Movie” and “TL (Reprisal)” here:

Lives Dates:

1/12 in Philly at Everybody Hits with Hurry, Glitterer, Empath and Knife Play
1/13 in Boston at Great Scott with Horse Jumper of Love, Mini Dresses and Strange Passage
1/14 in Brooklyn at Zone One @ Elsewhere with Big Bliss, Hypoluxo and Fruit & Flowers

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