Yak is a punk-influenced alternative rock band from the United Kingdom that grew out of the DIY tradition there, specifically the Wolverhampton scene. Core members Oli Burslem and Elliot Rawson were members of what might be called Yak’s parent band, Yelps. Though initially infamous for their high decibel, batshit live shows (where instruments were apparently destroyed on a frequent basis), these days they seem to be crafting recordings that aim to tickle ears rather than break them.

“All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life” is a punk-twinged single immersed in dark psychedelia. Warbled guitars and organs float like smog over slow-building percussion. Smooth, swampy intervals of noise are punctuated by distorted choruses with Burslem’s anguished cries for light in the midst of darkness, and this is exactly what’s delivered on B-side “Wait and See”. “It’s gonna be alright / wait and see” Burslem sleepily croons over acoustic piano and twinkling xylophones. This number’s sweet melancholy starkly contrasts the thrashing anguish of its counterpart, creating an aesthetically pleasing duality.

Not only is “All I Need…” Yak’s best work yet, it brings the group’s evolutionary process to the fore. The tracks meander with a blatant disregard for sonic niche and genre conventions, demonstrating a refusal to be flattened by the micro divisions and labelling of a streaming service dominated industry. More of the same is clearly off the agenda for Yak, and though a veteran fan might view the new single as a watered-down version of more organic earlier releases, their commitment to forward motion is obvious to any newcomer. The trio boldly traverse new sonic terrain while maintaining an undeniable authenticity

Listen to Yak’s recently released EP “All I Need is Some Sunshine In My Life” here: https://open.spotify.com/album/7Mh0YOwTkmJ3ZflyWbR1HL

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