Photo Credit: Wes Santos & Alex Gomez
Photo Credit: Wes Santos & Alex Gomez

Somewhere on the edge of EDM anthems and intelligent indie rock teeters Yoke Lore, the name for Adrian Galvin’s small, but mighty solo music project.  Galvin knows a thing or two about writing a good hook: he was once a member of the chart-climbing Walk the Moon.  Now, as he takes center stage on his own, Galvin is able to let his voice shine, and shine it does.  Unquestionably a highlight of Yoke Lore’s 2 EP discography, Galvin’s voice soars with boyish charm, twisting and turning around strained melodies pitched high in the register.  It’s not unlike the vocals on a Panda Bear or Vampire Weekend track, falling some place in between the two.  Just as there are hints that Yoke Lore’s EPs could sound much more experimental, there are hints that with a bigger drum beat and repetitive chorus, they could make it onto the club DJ’s playlist.  Perhaps with a bigger audience, Galvin would return to his hit making form.  But for now, his music feel very honest, so let’s keep Yoke Lore’s inventiveness as something for hipsters to bob their beanie-capped heads to as they get ready to go out on the town.  We like it that way.

Words by Max Datner

Take a listen to his track “Beige” off his recently released Goodpain EP:

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