Future Elevators Interview

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So let’s start off with you telling a little bit about how the band came together?

MS- I started recording the album without a band where I played every instrument on the record. Obviously trying to pull this off live wouldn’t quite be do-able (since I’m not an Octopus) so I reached out to different folks I knew that were good players. Ramy Noureddini (guitar) was actually on old acquaintance of mine but had just recently found out he could play. He said “yes” fortunately and is the longest running member, other than myself. I met Bobby (bass) thru a keyboard player we were working with at the time. He came in 6 months after Ramy and has been there ever since. Our newest edition to the lineup is our steady drummer now. Brett Huffman was a perfect fit to complete the band. We had other members along the way but ultimately it didn’t work out with them for different reasons. This is the best lineup so and we’re all in it for the long run. Eventually we may add another multi-instrumentalist but at this point we are feeling it “as is”. –

Do you all come from musical backgrounds and was it always your goal to be in a band?

MS-Some of us came from musical backgrounds, others not so much. It wasn’t always my personal goal but just something I kept doing because I enjoyed it. Here I am, still doing it.

What was the production and recording process like regarding your debut album?

MS- It was lengthy and all about making sure each song was exactly what it was suppose to be. We worked for no more than a few days in a row and then we’d take a break and come back in a week or so. It took roughly a year. Some recorded at Communicating Vessels with engineers Lynn Bridges, Brad Timpko, and Darrell Thorp (Grammy Winning Producer for Beck – Morning Phase and Radiohead – Hail to the Thief) and some on my own either at my home project studio or on my iPad. It was a lot of fun experimenting with sounds, tones and working with such talented engineers.

-What artists do you feel influenced you during the recording process of the album?

MS- I drew inspiration from many different types of artists and multi-instrumentalists from Kurt Vile, Tame Impala, Deerhunter, Mac Demarco, latter day Beatles, Pete Yorn, Spoon, Radiohead, Beck, Dungen, Les Paul & Mary Ford, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Link Wray, Beach House….the list goes on and on.

-what’s your favorite song to perform and why?

MS- It kind of changes depending on what mood I’m in. Recently I’d say “Rome on a Saturday”, “Losing Sleep” and “Narcosis” are my favorites. -If you could perform anywhere, where would it be? Me- Outer Space would be fun….maybe on the Moon or Mars. Playing in front of the Pyramids of Egypt, or even the Roman Coliseum. Might need a space helmet.

-Do you prefer to perform in larger venues or smaller, intimate venues?

MS- I like them both really. The smaller venues are more intimate but the larger ones give you quite a rush when it’s packed.

-What artists are you guys currently listening to?

MS- I just started listening to Jose Gonzalez. We’ve been enjoying Melody’s Echo Chamber and the new Radiohead album. Beach House comes up fairly often.

-If you could collaborate with any producer or another artist/group, who would it be and why?

MS- I would enjoy working with Nigel Godrich (produces Radiohead and Paul McCartney). I would love to collaborate with Jenny Lewis, Jim Eno (Spoon), Beck, or Bradford Cox from Deerhunter, or even a reputable symphony or percussion group

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