Hear This // “Attic Space” By Fairy Godmother

By July 13, 2018SONGS

                Fairy Godmother is the music moniker of singer-songwriter Alyssa Thomas and includes bandmates drummer Alexander Giannascoli and bassist John Heywood. The band is a recent addition to the Philadelphia music scene and recently released the debut EP Attic Space this past March via Fox Food Records.  The record follows Thomas as she confronts insecurities and anxieties and retraces various relationship dynamics. There is a refreshing simplicity that flows through the songs and resides in the melodic vocals. Thomas doesn’t beat around the bush or offer sugar-coated truth but instead pushes through to the point.

The album contains a solid amount of poignancy and possesses a certain weight. From the beginning, there is an ethereal, dreamy feel that radiates from “Tell On Me” and then flows into the second track “God Damn”. As the album progresses, the honest, darker undertone slowly grows.

In the song “Maybe”, Thomas illuminates on a darker, interpersonal dynamic of manipulation and feeling caged in by someone as she sings in the opening line “Maybe, just maybe, they’ll come and let me out/ crawl around/ I found you, I found you/ finding a way to break me down.” It slowly seeps into your ears with it’s hypnotizing, beating rhythm. Following that is “Berwyn”, a heartfelt, quieter track about loss and loneliness that can be felt as she croons lyrics like “I’m reaching out for you/ But there is nothing left to touch/ I’m reaching out to you/ cause I miss you so much”

Thomas then closes the record with a spinning number called “Pretty”, which touches on dealing with the unknown and worry. Overall, it’s a solid, first delivery from the band that holds a great amount of emotional depth and promise.

Take a listen to Attic Space below and you can see Fairy Godmother live at Tundra Dome with Telyscopes and Miracle Sweepstakes on August 5th in Philly.

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