Hear This // “Dirty Drain” by The Dawn Drapes

By April 24, 2018SONGS

Photo by Kelsey Wagner

Philly soulful-rock duo The Dawn Drapes recently dropped their new single called “Dirty Drain” from their forthcoming sophomore record “Slow Spin”, which offers a review of the repetitive cycle that occurs in day to day life.  

The song doesn’t rely on a catchy hook though, but offers a resonating perspective. The band conveyed that the song hones in on that daily feeling of just trying to maneuver your way through relationships.

“The song was inspired by the feeling of day to day anxiety. It’s the mundane versus the massive. The uncertainty of beginnings and endings. It’s the strange reality of floating on a rock in outer space and then also still being worried about if your friends are gonna cancel plans and whether or not you have the willpower to go through with them yourself.”

Follow the band here and be on the lookout for the duo’s new album “Slow Spin”

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