Hear This // “Getting to Me” by Caroline Rose

By March 8, 2018SONGS

Caroline Rose released her sophomore record Loner at the end February and while the whole record is a cohesive, whimsical gem, one of our favorite tracks was the fifth track “Getting To Me”. The album is a new venture for Rose and holds intertwined layers of surf rock, dreamy, pop melodies, synthy punches, but overall it’s an incredibly multidimensional record. The track itself is a prime example of this eclectic layering with the addition of strings and some flowing, prominent vocals. This infectious song holds an aesthetic that’s a mix of some Haim and Andrew Bird.

There’s an uplifting enthusiasm that you can hear even though the song revolves around what it’s like to feel alone. The emotionally charged single is able to worm it’s way into anyone’s mind because we’ve all been there. When Rose sings “All at once, everything starts to shift. Tip the weight that makes this whole thing give, oh I don’t know where to put my hands, and the thought of silence makes me sick” is an axiomatic moment when being on your own isn’t at all where you want or thought you’d be.

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