Hear This // “Heavens Away Team” by Vexxed

By April 27, 2018SONGS

Photo Credit: Vexxed

Philly-based outfit Vexxed recently dropped a psychedelic, hazy gem with their first single “Heavens Away Team” from their upcoming EP Thank You Sooo Much. The electronic-pop trio comprised of Lucy Stone (vocals, guitarist) , Zach Sewall (keys, vocals)  and Max Steen (Bassist) transport you into another space with their atmospheric, engulfing landscapes. The band holds a sound that’s distinctly original and draws you in each time you listen to their track.

The song itself offers up a vibrant introduction with some richly, textured layers and the smooth, vocal solution made up of Stone and Sewall. The quietly drumming, gentle arrangements and airy melodies will melt into your ears. The track faces the idea of dealing with what comes and how maybe there’s some fate that impacts us all. Vexxed seamlessly combines engaging songwriting with a cool, understated tone that leaves a certain amount of nostalgic after the track ends.

Thank You Sooo Much. comes out May 4th, but in the meantime take a listen to “Heavens Away Team” and follow Vexxed here

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