Hear This // “VHS #2 (Masks)” by Sixteen Jackies

By April 18, 2018SONGS

Photo by Kelsey Wagner

Philly glam-rock outfit Sixteen Jackies just delivered a new single called “VHS # 2 (Masks)” from their forthcoming EP Mascula. The new EP acts as the counterpart to their Movie Was Bad EP released last year, but will be released as a double EP on May 4th via Born Loser Records. The song is the younger sibling to “VHS # 1 (A Body)” from the previous release and possess an ambiguous, atmospheric tone.

The darker tone of the song isn’t just reflected in their stirring arrangements, but within lyrics like “cooing in the dark. frozen in the cycle. i could be the victim with the right face on”.

The band said concerning the message behind the song that  “it’s about American masculinity and the layers of violence that lie underneath its surface, the causes and the effects of that violence. Each entry in the VHS song series (this is the second of series) pulls from a different classic horror film for inspiration (while not being too overt) and this one in particular pulls its images from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The idea of the song is that the villain is reflecting on all the different people/things he could be but ultimately realizes he is a product of his upbringing and environment: a monster. “

Follow Sixteen Jackies here and don’t miss the band’s release show at Philamoca on May 18th with Isles Isles, Madalean Gauze and Long Hots.

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