Exclusive Single: Royal Haunts – “The Bathtub”

By March 7, 2017SONGS

Exclusive Single
Artist: Royal Haunts
Album: Portals
Song: “The Bathtub”

Royal Haunts is the moniker of Tony Resch, a Pittsburgh-based R & B, electronic-pop singer-songwriter. “The Bathtub” is the first single released from his upcoming EP entitled “Portals”, which due out soon. The upbeat, dynamic, driven track catches your attention and puts you in a reflective state.

Resch says regarding his new material, “The EP is called Portals. The idea is that each song represents a transitional moment in my life. This one, “The Bathtub”, is actually the last song in the series. It represents the moment when I realized I could just release myself from all the difficulties that were generated earlier in the EP. I thought I’d get that across by just talking about chilling in the tub and showing what my process of relaxation is like. So, I run through all my problems, girls, regrets, drugs, alcohol, but the whole time my imagination is seeping in. So, in the end, everything finally just falls away and the music kinda goes off on its own.”

Keep an eye out for the “Portals” EP by Royal Haunts, coming soon.

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