Aisha Badru
Photo by Andi Valentine

An artist arising out of the Houston music scene that needs to be on your radar is Tee Vee, the solo project created by Teresa Vicinanza and includes fellow bandmate Daniela Hernandez. This isn’t the first musical endeavor for Vicianza though, she also started the band Rose Ette that calls Houston home as well. The music from Tee Vee holds a more nostalgic, pop element to it and an 80’s aesthetic, but not in some cheesy way. The duo create a carefree, dreamy experience for the listener with their layers of lush synths and harmonies.

Tee Vee released their first EP entitled Soft Spots in May of this past year and is an electro-pop gem. The five track album features electric, dynamic arrangements and airy, melodic vocals that will worm their way into your ears. Tee Vee’s songwriting abilities take on an open-ended approach and leave room for various types of interpretation like the track “Crystalline”, where Vicianza sings “It’s not easy, caught in between what’s real and what’s real to me.” Just like Tee Vee, we are all trying to figure out our lives and define what’s important.

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