Track of The Week // “I Am Here (I Am Alive)” by Bonny Doon

By March 30, 2018SONGS

Bonny Doon

Artist: Bonny Doon
Album: Longwave
Track: “I Am Here (I Am Alive)”

Bonny Doon released their sophomore LP Longwave last week and the third track “I Am Here (I Am Alive)” has captured our ears. The title alone represents a feeling that many of us experience when you feel as if you are in a rut or just trying to do your best to get to where you know you can be. The whole record encapsulates the idea of forging your own path and to explore internally who you are with a swift melancholy and appealing intimacy, but this track particularly stands out with it’s coasting arrangements and understated songwriting.

The steadfast vocals of lead singer Bill Lennox convey a cool persistence and loneliness throughout the track. When he sings “Shine like a dime in the dirt/ Hard to tell what it’s worth/ But I work hard, I am kind”, it reflects the sentiment of the everyday person attempting to maneuver their way toward a realized goal.

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