Track of The Week // “Juniper” by Katy Kirby

By May 11, 2018SONGS

Katy Kirby

Nashville indie-rock artist Katy Kirby has a penchant for making the most out of a short amount of time. Each of the three tracks on her most recent project, Juniper, barely passes the 2:30 mark, yet Kirby packs heaps of emotion in each track – the title track is no exception.

No second of “Juniper” is wasted and no sound is out of place on the track. Kirby’s soft vocal inflections and quiet croons on “Juniper” float throughout the track, grounded by the vibrant percussions and wandering bass line. The guitars, keys, drums and bass follow a stop-start, bouncy path, certain to ease any listener into a feel-good head bop. Just before the final chorus, a smooth electric guitar in the background threatens to launch into a twangy solo, but fades back into silence as the track reaches its closing act. Here, Kirby’s stacked vocals and layered instrumentals amass to a rousing close, energetically the high point of the track.

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