Track of The Week // Linn Koch-Emmery

By March 2, 2018SONGS

Linn Koch-Emmery

Artist: Linn Koch-Emmery
Album: Single Release
Track: “Wires”

Swedish artist Linn Koch-Emmery has delivered a swirling, indie gem with her first single called “Wires” off the upcoming follow up to her first EP Boys. The track is a good bridge stemming off last year’s EP with its full soundscapes and dynamism. Koch-Emmery’s arrangement of relaxed melodies and hurdling guitar go hand in hand and is like a wave that washes over you. The track’s lyrics measure up to its refreshing production and upbeat undertones, this is one track that will stay in your mind for days.

Be on the lookout for the new EP out this month via Welfare Sounds & Records.

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