Track of The Week // “Stereo” by Why Bonnie

By June 1, 2018SONGS

      Why Bonnie knows how to craft dreamy, ethereal tracks and their new single “Stereo” doesn’t skip a beat. The track is the first off the band’s upcoming Nightgown EP that is coming out later this month and also follows up the band’s great In Water EP released earlier this year. There is never a sense of urgency or lack of sincerity in the music from the Austin outfit, but what resides is a swirling, inviting river of whimsical, light arrangements that glide along with lead singer Blair Howerton’s calm, melodic vocals.

“Stereo” illuminates the line where one reality exists and another begins, a snapshot of what it’s like in those subsequent days that follow a relationship. The process of trying to move on, but hitting those roadblocks because everything seems to make you have a flashback. The vulnerable, reminiscing songwriting grabs your ear and acts as the perfect backdrop for a quiet night spent alone. Howerton provides you with some heartfelt feelings as she sings “looking at you through my screen and you’re smiling back at me / You’re stuck in a silent movie but to me you seem so real.” There lies mixing undertones of sadness and sweetness that blossom at various parts throughout the song. The rich, saturated production is intertwined with a sense of nostalgia and the feeling something is really final.

Nightgown comes out on 6/20 via Sports Day Records and you can follow Why Bonnie here

Live Dates:

6/21- Dan’s Silver Leaf – Denton, TX

6/28- Sleeping Village – Chicago, IL

6/30- Howlers- Pittsburgh, PA

7/5- Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn, NYC

8/7- Stubb’s – Austin, TX


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