Track Premiere: “Wasting Time” by Young Scum



A lot of questions follow you around when you finally finish school or you’re a young person in general- “How am I gonna earn money and not sell my soul?”, “How do I get my shit together?” , “How long will it really take until I can have a dog?”.  There’s an axiomatic sentiment of being lost and frustrated, but good news- nobody has it really figured out and lot’s of great things come out of the journey to find your way.

This is a subject that Richmond-based outfit Young Scum explores in their premiere track called “Wasting Time” off their forthcoming, self-titled LP. Band member Chris Smith explained how the track encompassed an unsure period in his life, something that is incredibly resonating for everyone.

“Wasting Time”’ was written during a time of uncertainty for me. When I was about to turn 25, I could finally begin to see my youth creeping away from me and wondered for the millionth time – what am I supposed to do with my life? I’d fallen into a routine of work, staying up too late, being too tired, and then when I finally had a day off I would just do nothing instead of trying to improve my life. I think I was waiting for something to change, but really it was me who needed to make the change.”

The song is a jangle, pop gem that is a strong, heightened extension from their 2016 EP Zona and proof of the band’s ability to create some comprehensive, breezy surf-rock. The glistening arrangements wash over you and are reminiscent of bands like Swimming Tapes, Alvvays and Surf Rock Is Dead. Besides the rousing guitar, Smith’s vocals[] [/]act as a sympathetic companion throughout the track, especially when he sings “Was I naive to think at twenty-five, I would have at least one thing figured out without a doubt? “

“Wasting Time” was also an ample step forward for the band, production wise according to Smith, “For the first time, we went full jangle and used 12 string guitar, which you can hear primarily in the intro. I also really like how the guitar lines intermingle during the verse, thanks to Ben’s catchy little riffs. Then at the end, we do our best Teenage Fanclub impression with a crunchy solo. And of course, Ali’s sweet harmonies to really elevate the entire song. It’s definitely my favorite one off the record”

With this solid, initial delivery, the band provides you with the comforting notion that you aren’t alone in the endless endeavor of figuring out your life.

The Young Scum LP drops on July 6th via Citrus City Records, in the meantime though take a listen to the single below and follow the band here

Live Dates:

5/25-Richmond-Strange Matter w/ Minor Poet, Blueberry and Moniker
6/19-Richmond-Strange Matter w/ Shady Bug, Twin Drugs and Keep

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